As a General Contractor, VISIBLE CONSTRUCTION builds projects for corporate clients and national chain stores across the US, with a focus on delivering projects in the Eastern US.

Our client base is diverse and includes many commercial businesses, typically a national or regional retailer or restaurant brand (or their construction manager or architect) that has an annual count of projects to deliver to their stakeholders. VISIBLE aligns with the Professionals of these companies and provides top of class turn-key construction services, while concurrently building multiple projects, in multiple markets, on a routine basis. Our client is also a local business that inherently seeks and deserves the same high level of construction services that the multi-unit corporations we build for require.


In total, VISIBLE is adept at building for companies of all scales and requirements as a General Contractor, Design Builder and Construction Manager.



Our Services

  • General Contracting
  • Project Management
  • Design / Build 
  • Green Building
  • Pre-construction
  • Post-construction
  • Commercial Development
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