Design and Build
Your Plan


A great deal of energy and pride goes into pre-con and post-con tasks at VISIBLE.  When a client hires us, they are automatically getting a forensic level of administration, documentation, follow-up and resources applied to the matter, this extends from the first day of receiving your set of plans, through construction and your occupancy, to submittal of the close-out package and during the warranty phase.  All T’s are crossed and all I’s are dotted, with no exceptions.







VISIBLE builds every project by utilizing an extensively experienced resource structure, including an Estimator, Project Manager, Superintendent, Project Coordinator, Project Accountant and a Principal of VISIBLE focused appropriately on each project. Our internal processes are well developed in the areas of ESTIMATING - such that we deliver transparent high detail line item bids, per plans and specs, with full disclosure as to all inclusions and exclusions from the proposal, thus providing the client with the knowledge needed to make prudent decisions – and PROJECT MANAGEMENT – such that we deliver projects that are built in accordance with all building codes and design criteria and produced in the time period required or earlier, while never relinquishing our strict controls on the budgeted job costs and worker safety on site. We also have the ability to self-perform many trades, such as demolition, carpentry and paint systems.




VISIBLE is a natural resource in a Design/Build capacity, starting with a full analysis of the assignment and the establishment of the client’s mission criteria for the project.  We will assemble every consultant required for the team and leverage our relations with design consultants across the US, based upon hundreds of commercial projects completed via Design/Build.  Only with extensive experience can a company properly execute the lead role in taking a proposed project from a concept on a pro-forma, thru due diligence, design, permits, construction, turn-over and to open for business/occupancy.  VISIBLE has the experience to ask the needed questions and get the necessary answers from the consultants and jurisdictions and to value engineer the construction docs based upon real-time market pricing…all leading to a project that is Designed and Built and accomplishes the team’s mission.




Many of our clients prefer a CM arrangement for their projects. VISIBLE is adept at this structure and provides the most transparent coordination in this regard. During preconstruction providing a high detail schedule of values and backup for General Condition costs and multiple scoped subcontractor proposals for client consideration is vital, and during construction, rigid management of the trades is a guarantee to insure and protect our client’s interests. Our CM department includes the full resource structure of Project Manager, Project Coordinator, Estimator, Project Accountant and Principal.



Green Building

With LEED APs on staff and LEED Certified projects completed, commissioned and awarded certification under our belt, all phases of environmentally and socially responsible construction are in our DNA!